What if...

... the world suddenly went silent?
... You were the only one who knew it would happen?
... but couldn't do anything to stop it.

The Ashes series delves deep into life… if life as we knew it suddenly ended.

The pain and struggle of loss… the horror of the end of the world… and the “what if…” that they must all face on the other side.

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New from Morigan Shaw... Coming Fall 2019

A Note from Morigan

I am SO excited to bring this new series to life and share it with all of you!

For my readers from the Idoramin Chronicles (thank you!).. you’ll find this is a much different story than that series. Darker… and much, MUCH more real (which.. let’s face it, what’s scarier than that?) 😉

A little glimpse into my wacky writing routine… when I’m working on a series, I have a playlist of music that goes along with the story.

Music has always been a major part of my life, and while some writers can’t write with the ‘noise’, I find it helps me tremendously.

So… I wanted to share some of the music that is my personal playlist of songs that inspire me as I traverse the ashen aftermath.

Take a listen: (all music copyright of their perspective owners)