My first visit to the capital

Excerpt from Cali’s journal: “Visiting Edrym for the first time was nothing like I expected. I’ve never seen the city before, I’ve never seen so many people in one place. Jorah and I saw two

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Edelaine’s Fall – Now Available

Since the terrifying Blackguard emerged from the shadows, the people of Edelaine have been held hostage by

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Edelaine’s Folly

An unseen threat, hidden and lost to legend for generations, emerges from the shadows…the long days of peace have ended…an old darkness has returned. #AXR1 #ian1 #bookboost #asmsg #iartg #bynr #tyb 📚Buy Now:

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Happy New Years

From my little writing nook to yours…

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As we close in on 2018

      As we begin to come to the close of 2017, and prepare to

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A gift, from me to you

In the spirit of the season, and as a personal “thank you“, I am

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Book trailer and…

Here it is!  The official book trailer… and

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