Indie Author Adventures #29 – Progress (not perfection!)

You know… I’ve come to enjoy our little weekly chats! πŸ˜‰ What started out as an experiment, has born fruit — some that I was expecting, and some that I was not… but all has been educational, enlightening, and… I daresay… fun!? Wha?! πŸ€ͺ Anywho, come on in for a spell and let’s see what […]

Indie Author Adventures #27 – Owning Your πŸ’©

Phew – so here we are again. It has been a challenging few weeks, but you know what? We’re still here, still kicking, still motivated and ready to conquer the world! (Mwaahahahahaaa!)Β  Well, maybe not so much as all that, but you get my meaning. So, pull up a chair, grab a coffee, and join […]

Indie Author Adventures #26 – On Resting & Being Gentle

Hey all – and welcome back to this week’s Indie Author Adventures 2019! As you may have noticed… I’m a few days late with the post this week… and you know what? That’s okay – which is what we’ll chat about for just a brief few lines today… so come on in, grab a coffee […]

Indie Author Adventures 24 – Take a Breath and REST

Ah, my friends, here we find ourselves again! Another week into our 2019 indie-adventures! This week I’m bringing you a short post — why? Well, because I’m taking today off. WHA?! I know, right? But sometimes, I have to force myself to do it for my own well-being, and today is one of those days. […]

Indie Author Adventures 23 – An Obligation to ‘Do Better’

Hey again, friends! Here we are, the beginning of June and for me, that means it’s time to take stock. (ugh, sounds like fun, eh?) It is… and it isn’t. But more on that in a bit. First – a quick thanks for sticking with me for OMG 23 weeks now yikes… really?! And I […]

Indie Author Adventures #22 – Monkeys πŸ™Š & Time ⏳

So, my friend – here we are again, and almost half-way through 2019. WTH? Seriously? How the heck did that happen? **looks around in a panic** but I still have SO MUCH TO DO!Β Ever feel this way? πŸ˜‰ In this installment of indie-author adventures we’ll be chatting about disappointed monkeys, and “finding the time”. So, […]

Indie Author Adventures Episode 21 – Oh the Futility of it All!

Hey fellow writers and friends! πŸ€ͺ And… welcome back! It’s that time again for our weekly installment of adventures in indie authoring, 2019. This week, it’s going to be a bit shorter and to the point… why? Because I was recently asked a question – and it is an extremely relevant question that I think […]

Indie Author Adventures 20 – Failure and I are old friends

Episode twenty!? Yikes – amazing what happens when you commit to something and have accountability!😻 So – (since I haven’t thought of a brilliant new intro yet!) – welcome back to the adventures in indie-authoring, 2019! Where each week I’ll be sharing wins, challenges, what worked, what didn’t, and everything in between on this crazy […]