Indie Author Adventures Episode 21 – Oh the Futility of it All!

Hey fellow writers and friends! 🤪 And… welcome back! It’s that time again for our weekly installment of adventures in indie authoring, 2019. This week, it’s going to be a bit shorter and to the point… why? Because I was recently asked a question – and it is an extremely relevant question that I think […]

Indie Author Adventures 20 – Failure and I are old friends

Episode twenty!? Yikes – amazing what happens when you commit to something and have accountability!😻 So – (since I haven’t thought of a brilliant new intro yet!) – welcome back to the adventures in indie-authoring, 2019! Where each week I’ll be sharing wins, challenges, what worked, what didn’t, and everything in between on this crazy […]

Indie Author Adventures #15 – Multi-Purposing!

Hellooooo & welcome back to my adventures in indie-authoring, 2019, where each week I’ll be making some random post about my journey thru the indie-authoring world… and hopefully some helpful tidbits along the way! Ahh, almost-Spring! I have my windows open this morning, coffee sitting by my laptop, Kleenex for all my Spring-sneezies… the birds […]

Indie Author Adventures #11 – Learning the NO Filter

Welcome back… it’s great to ‘see’ you again! Pull up a chair, grab some coffee and sit a spell. For you just joining, each week in 2019 I’ll be sharing my adventures in indie-authoring, what works, what doesn’t, and what I’m learning along the way. Unfiltered, unscripted, but hopefully helpful to some other indie-authors out […]

Indie Author Adventures #10 – Generosity & Kindness

Wow, so I’ve officially proven to myself that I can blog for at least ten weeks consecutively. (seriously, it may sound sarcastic, but it’s also true LOL) Welcome back to my adventures in indie-ing 2019 – were I’ll be sharing each week what is going on in my indie-author life, the struggles, the balancing acts, […]