Indie Author Adventures #11 – Learning the NO Filter

Welcome back… it’s great to ‘see’ you again! Pull up a chair, grab some coffee and sit a spell. For you just joining, each week in 2019 I’ll be sharing my adventures in indie-authoring, what works, what doesn’t, and what I’m learning along the way. Unfiltered, unscripted, but hopefully helpful to some other indie-authors out […]

Indie Author Adventures #10 – Generosity & Kindness

Wow, so I’ve officially proven to myself that I can blog for at least ten weeks consecutively. (seriously, it may sound sarcastic, but it’s also true LOL) Welcome back to my adventures in indie-ing 2019 – were I’ll be sharing each week what is going on in my indie-author life, the struggles, the balancing acts, […]

Indie-Author Adventures #9 – Gnothi Seauton

Let’s get to work, writers. Welcome back to my fantastical journey in indie-authoring! Phew… today’s episode is going to be a wee bit different in that it’s more of a “rubber meets the road” installment. So let’s jump in. For you just joining me, each week in 2019 I’ll be making a new post on […]

Indie-Author Adventures 2019: Episode #8

Adventures in Indie-Authoring: 2019 Welcome back, indie-author friends! And for you newbies to the series, hello and welcome! For those just tuning in, each week in 2019 I’m going to be posting the good, the bad, the ugly (hopefully more good than ugly!) in my journey as an indie author… AND hopefully some tidbits that […]