Indie Author Adventures 24 – Take a Breath and REST

Ah, my friends, here we find ourselves again! Another week into our 2019 indie-adventures! This week I’m bringing you a short post — why? Well, because I’m taking today off. WHA?! I know, right? But sometimes, I have to force myself to do it for my own well-being, and today is one of those days.

BUT! That doesn’t mean I can’t spend a few minutes with my friends. So, without further ado…

This Past Week

Today I want to (since I’m keeping this brief anyway ?) invite you to look at your own work habits and examine whether maybe you need to take a rest day.


Because so often authors – especially when it isn’t your “day job” – fit in writing into any spare moment we can find. This can be compounded if you are a solo-preneur. And while we love what we do and it doesn’t feel like work most of the time because of that — we still, for our own well-being need to cut ourselves a little slack and give ourselves permission to… you know… actually take a day off.

Now – I don’t expect anyone to just take my word for it – hear it from the experts what burnout can do to you (spoiler alert: It can kill your creativity!)

So — it’s an official invitation. Take a day off and drop a comment below and let me know what you enjoy doing on your self-care / “do nothing” days!

What I Accomplished

  • Facebook live
  • Author live training class / coaching
  • ‘nother website built – more still in progress
  • creating some new products to make available over on Author’s Mojo
  • Another chapter down in my current WIP – Book 5 of the Idoramin Chronicles
  • End of the school-year activities and prepping for summer
  • Fending off summer allergies bleh!

Big Takeaway

It's okay to give yourself permission to rest - Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your life. Take care of yourself! Click To Tweet

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