My first visit to the capital

Excerpt from Cali’s journal:

Visiting Edrym for the first time was nothing like I expected. I’ve never seen the city before, I’ve never seen so many people in one place. Jorah and I saw two Tevici in the Commerce District! I’ve heard of them, but never seen them before. Midge and the others told us that they used to be hunted – I can’t imagine. Why would someone do that?

The Commerce District is incredible, Midge showed me to the shop that sells leathers, furs, and cloth. We have that in common, she is a tailor. I like Midge a lot, she’s the first person of Gnomish descent I’ve ever met. There have been a lot of firsts on this trip. I wonder what else we’ll see?

Cali’s unplanned and unexpected adventure took her the furthest from her home she’d ever been. New friends, new experiences, and some harsh realities – she experienced them all in Edrym.

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