Morigan Shaw

Morigan began writing early in life, but pursued a career in technology.

After spending 20-years in programming and web development, she leaped into publishing and hasn’t looked back.

Now, she spends her days writing and doing tech-work and mentoring for authors.

Her (fuzzy & demanding) writing coaches and editor are always on-the-ready to keep her motivated and working (lest she spend too much time on Facebook.) 😉

Have you ever watched one of those feel-good movies where the protagonist struggles, and fights, and feels lost, and starts to lose all hope… then the miraculous happens? Suddenly, it’s as if the clouds part, sun rays fall on their face, and they just KNOW? They suddenly know what they are supposed to do in this life? And then of course they go on to kick butt, take names, and make a real place for themselves in the world…

Well, that’s me… but without all the dramatics, fancy lighting, and big-movie budget.

(Especially without the big-movie budget!)

I’ve loved books since I was old enough to read my first one, which was what… umm, a LOT of years ago… back when I was 4, maybe 5… somewhere around that.

I have my original 1970’s, dog-eared, coffee-stained, tattered copy of E.B. White’s, Trumpet of the Swan. The FIRST book that fanned that spark of wanting to be a writer someday.

I’ll always have that book, in all its tattered glory. Because that was the beginning.

So, here I am, and I hope that you enjoy the stories I’m bringing to you even half as much as I’ve enjoying putting them on the page.

Peace, love, & hugs ☮🤗