Edelaine's Fall

Book Two of the Idoramin Chronicles

Since the terrifying Blackguard emerged from the shadows, the people of Edelaine have been held hostage by the unrelenting frigid winter.

Cali, still reeling from the loss of everyone she loves, must now come to grips with her family legacy and the responsibility of being the only one who can keep her people safe — not only from the bitter winter but from the evil she knows almost nothing about.

Throughout the world of Idoramin, leaders discredit the danger, using military forces to protect only their own interests, breaking trust and creating a rift with the soldiers sworn to protect the citizens. As the threat grows, Cali fears if she is unable to find a way to defeat it, everyone she knows, the lands of Edelaine, and the entire world could fall to its malevolence.

In this second installment of the Idoramin Chronicles, the darkness of legend extends its cold reach. No longer concealing its presence, the tendrils of evil begin snaking its way across the land.

Armed with only her loyal friends, a fox named Chase, and powers of a prophecy she doesn’t understand, does Cali stand a chance against the greatest darkness the world has ever known?

The long days of peace have ended…
an old darkness has returned.