Edelaine's Folly

Book One of the Idoramin Chronicles

For seventeen-year-old Cali Flynn, the peaceful farm-life of Edelaine was all she’d ever known… or ever wanted to know.
But when catastrophe’s dagger hit its mark, her world was changed forever.

An ancient evil — hidden in the pages of legend for generations — creeps from the shadows, shattering Edelaine’s tranquil way of life… and possibly its very existence.

Thrust into a destiny she doesn’t want and a family legacy she never knew, Cali is forced to trust in a mysterious power she doesn’t understand.

Can she accept her destiny and convince the people of Edelaine of the looming evil? Or will she bear the ultimate loss as her home, and the entire world of Idoramin falls into darkness?

The long days of peace have ended…
an old darkness has returned.

Edelaine Region

Edelaine is a peninsula on the southwestern continent of Lufal in the world of Idoramin.

Known as a remote farming region, it is situated southwest of the capital of Lufal, the city known as Edrym.

Not easily accessed, the only road into Edelaine crosses the Shattered Peaks, the great mountain range on Lufal, which is said to be inhabited by creatures worse than your normal wild beasts.

The People