Hey there and welcome back to my adventures in indie-authoring 2019! It’s been a wild, roller-coaster ride so far this year, but I’ve learned lots, and found ample opportunities to call myself out on my own BS and keep myself honest and on-path (when I’ve veered off…which has happened a few times!) ?‍♀️?

So, what’s on the agenda today? Climbing back onto your wagon and switching things up! Come on in!

This Past Week

First – climbing back on your wagon. You know what I mean… we all fall off of our “wagon” sometimes — whatever that wagon may be at the time. For me, it’s been my writing this year. As you may (or may not LOL) know, I also run Author’s Mojo, a tech-for-authors business, and I’m a mentor/coach for indie-authors… both of which I love doing, but my main, long-term goal has always been on my own writing career. That was my wagon.

And I fell off of it… and bounced as it kept rollin’ down the path without me. ??‍♀️

I took some time these last couple weeks to refocus and start dragging myself back onto my wagon… because, let’s be honest, even if your wagon is something you love and want to be on… once you fall off, often it’s hard to get back up there. Why? Mainly because of a lot of self-judgment that takes place (often behind the scenes and subconsciously) about how we “should” have done better… “shouldn’t” have fallen off in the first place…blah, blah, blah.

Short lesson there: life gets crazy, we all fall off our wagon, and it’s OKAY. Quit beating yourself up… stand up, dust yourself off, and climb back up on that thang! ??

Now… as for switching things up — this is a personal accountability thing for myself really… but more importantly than that, it’s for my readers. (luv you!! ?)

Not everything I blabber on about here on my blog is going to be pertaining to the craft of writing or author mindset… I’m going to be including my, you know… actual writing and what I’m working on right now… because… duh. LOL While a chunk of my readers are also writers… just as many of you (maybe more!) aren’t.

So… what I’m working on for you all… and oh yeah, I am super excited about this!!!

I’m currently writing book one of a new series, Ashen World Chronicles. Yep – that’s the (now) official title of the series, with the first book tentatively titled A Spark From the Ashes… you heard it here first, friends.

Ashes sneak peek…

And don’t worry — The Idoramin Chronicles still have quite a few more adventures to go… and that should be coming later this year also! (so stay tuned)!

What I Accomplished

  • Re-prioritized my goals (and schedule!)
  • Trying to get caught up on some work
  • Doc appointments
  • Prepping for back-to-school (WOW – this summer FLEW by!)
  • Copywriting course
  • AMS ads
  • Book research
  • WRITING! woohoo!

The Big Takeaway

Short lesson: life gets crazy, we all fall off our wagon, and it's OKAY. Quit beating yourself up... stand up, dust yourself off, and climb back up on that thang! ?? Click To Tweet

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