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Indie Author Adventures #33

Woowee… running a bit behind today! And that’s okay, this is a “judgey-free zone”! ? Welcome back to my adventures in indie-authoring, episode 33! Come on in and see what we’ve got!

This Past Week

Just a quick talk today about something that is uber-super-hugely important… but also that many of us don’t do, or at least don’t do consistently.

Having an accountability group or partner.

Yep, one of those u-sexy things that actually will help you to build your author career.

Why is it so important? TONS of reasons, but here’s just a few:

  1. Not everyone has a supportive circle — heck, some of us don’t even have a circle — having people, or even a single person, who is on the same type of path as you, understands the journey and obstacles, and can help keep you grounded — and motivated — is massively important and helpful.
  2. There is something about holding yourself accountable, not to just to yourself, but making that commitment to someone else that makes it much less likely you will slip and choose to binge-watch 10 seasons of a show on Netflix.
  3. Keeping yourself accountable becomes easier when you are helping to keep someone else accountable, as well.
  4. If it works to help people go to the gym and get in shape… it can certainly work for us writers to actually get the words written! ?

Find an accountability / writing buddy. Make “dates” to do writing sprints and check in with each other at least once a week. Set small, achievable goals for the upcoming week that you will hold each other accountable to when you check in next time. You may just be surprised at how well it works… and soon, will become a habit!

What I Accomplished

  • Trying to get caught up from the downtime I had ?‍♀️
  • Two chapters down in the new Ashes book ?
  • Final prep for back-to-school time

Big Takeaway

Finding a writing partner is like having a good friend and coach in your corner waiting to cheer you on and make you better... it's a win-win. Click To Tweet

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