Rise of Ruith

Book Three of the Idoramin Chronicles

With the lands they once called home shattered, Cali makes a new place for her people as they make ready for the battles to come.

She has faced evil, but can she face down a King?

Set upon by those who should be allies, Cali fearlessly moves to defend those she loves and unravel the source of the betrayal.

Bizarre behavior, mysterious disappearances, and the pool of enemies deepening at each turn, the Blackguard silently tightens the noose. From commoners to Kings, much of the world of Idoramin remains blind to the danger.

The path forward becomes tangled as Cali struggles to hold back the coming darknessā€¦ and the darkness threatening to overwhelm her own thoughts.

In this third installment of the Idoramin Chronicles, evil has seeped unseen into parts of the world never touched by the Blackguard threat. But how can one detect the undetectable?

Ruith Territory

The Ruith Territories were long reputed as cursed and haunted.

Wild and untamed as nature reclaimed the ruins from ages past, now rebuilt and home to Cali and her people.

The People