You’ve asked for it…

And here it is! ?

I was surprised when so many of my readers — specifically those of you who found me through my Eaparius and the Forgotten Scrolls novella, contacted me and asked when I would have the Idoramin Chronicles available on eBook retailers other than Amazon…

I listened… and just in time for an awesome winter-time read…

Edelaine’s Folly: Book One of the Idoramin Chronicles has now grown beyond the Amazon-sphere and is being made available on other retailers (and libraries too!) ??

Book One is available now… and Books 2-4 will be available on the other retailers in January 2020.

(And YES! You’ll be seeing book 5 in 2020 also!) ?

Thank you! ?

Thank you all for your encouragement, kind words, support… and suggestions! I could not be blessed to do what I love without each and every one of you and the support you’ve shown. And thanks to your suggestion and questions about Idoramin Chronicles on different platforms… I am so excited and cannot wait to reach a whole new group of avid readers and book lovers! So, thank you, truly!

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