Hello all my lovelies!

Here in West Virginia today it is gray and rainy, but oddly warm after the cold spell we’ve had recently (I’ll take it – almost feels like spring!)

But, it’s a perfect day to write… the rain tapping on my window and the clouds rolling by – definitely enough to get the old muse working.

It’s been a big week in Idoramin – for those who get the newsletter you’ll already have seen this – but Edelaine’s Fall: Book Two of the Idoramin Chronicles is now available! (so excited /squeee!)

Both Book One and Two are part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, so if you are a KU member or a Prime subscriber – this is a great opportunity to check both of those out.

As requested – and promised – you are going to see a lot of Idoramin in 2018. Books One and Two are out. And there may be a special release coming up soon that I’m not going to tell you about just yet. Also, the third book is already in progress… with another 3,652 words written today. No spoilers, but Book Three is pretty exciting!!

If you’d like to stay up on all the latest news and happenings (including those early-bird pricing announcements for newly released books), make sure to take a moment and sign up for newsletter.

What fun, relaxing, or interesting things did you do this weekend? Drop a comment! ?

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